About AMSI Company

Advanced Medical Solutions International (AMSI), is a US-based company that is specialized in innovative and new concepts and technologies in the biomedical field.
AMSI develops, funds, and owns patents for various medical procedures related to the diagnosis and treatment of chronic human conditions.

Our collaborators and partners are scientists, researchers and business entities from different institutions and private companies in various countries.

The mission of AMSI is to search out and help to bring to the medical community world-wide the latest cutting-edge technologies for identification, diagnosis and treatment of the more difficult medical problems currently being encountered by man.

It is our hope to help make available unique medical treatments in areas of diseases when today’s treatments are solely addressing the symptoms and suffering and not the underlying cause of the ailments

Our Values are based on:
– Excellence
– Creativity & Innovation
– Quality
– Respect for human values
– Service with Integrity,
– Dignity and Honor
– Collaboration
– Social Responsibility